Exitus Elite Compensation Plan

Watch the Video Below and You Will Understand the Power of the Exitus Elite Compensation Plan:


Do you see the power of the Exitus Elite Compensation Plan yet?

1) When you join Exitus Elite, you will create an account with login credentials and pay the $299 annual admin fee.

2) You will login to your Exitus Elite back office.

3) You’ll then be prompted to pay the $1,000 product fee to your sponsor.  Now you’re in Exitus, but not yet “qualified”…

4) Then you go out and refer your first person to join Exitus and buy the $1,000 product.

5) That person goes to your sponsor.  (Everyone in the company hands their first person up to their sponsor, it’s called the one-up component of the Exitus Elite Compensation Plan, explained in the video)

6) After passing up your first sale, you’re now “qualified” to receive 100% commission starting with the second person your bring in and  every time after that when you sell the $1,000 product.

7) Your second person gets their first person…that person (and $1,000 goes to you)

8) Your second person’s “first person” gets their first sale, and that person (and $1,000 goes to you)

9) Your second person’s “first person’s” first person gets their first sale, and that person (and $1,000 sale) goes to you…

Exitus Elite Compensation PlanIn other words, every person that you signup is required to give YOU their first signup before they are qualified and can start collecting commission. So when you signup one person, in a sense you’re really signing up two, because their first signup goes back to you. Make sense?

Look at it this way: (After qualifying yourself) You earn $2,000 for every person that joins under you as long as they qualify themselves by giving you the first person they refer.


There are no limits to how many sales you can make or on how many payments you can receive.

I hope you got some value from this post and that you know have a thorough understanding of the power of the Exitus Compensation Plan and its 1 up component.

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