How do I Get Paid In Exitus Elite

How Will I receive my Exitus Elite Commissions?

You are here because you have taken an interest in Exitus Elite and you are doing your research.  “How do I get paid in Exitus Elite?” is a very good question.  You are attracted to Exitus because you are excited about $1,000 commissions  coming into you life, you want to know how and when you will be receiving that money.  It is only fair.  I wrote this post specifically to answer the question of, “How will I get paid in Exitus Elite?”

So let’s get into it in the video below!

How to Get Setup for Accepting Exitus Elite Commissions:

As you heard in the video, payments for the Genesis Product Library are made member to member and you earn 100% instant commissions.   Exitus Elite makes it very easy to set up how we would like to receive our commissions.  You simply log into you Exitus Elite Back office and look at the menu on the left.  Scroll down and click the “Profile Management tab,” then select “Payment Information” as shown in the image below.

how do I get paid in exitus elite
How Do I Get Paid in Exitus Elite…..Do I have Choices?

Yes.  In the back office of Exitus Elite, you will be presented with Four Options:

  1. Paypal – We will show you how to use Paypal safely without any trouble
  2. Bank Wire Transfer – Your Exitus Elite back office will ask you to fill in your bank information.
  3. Bitcoin – Your Exitus Elite back office will ask you to fill in your Bitcoin account information.
  4. Other – This is where you can be creative.  You can direct people to a separate web page where you can accept credit cards through your own merchant account like I do.  You can accept cashier’s check or cash by mail with signature required.  You can also accept Moneygram and Western Union.

Exitus Elite Commissions received through Paypal, Bitcoin,  those paid by credit card through a merchant account, and direct bank wire are instant.  Western Union and Moneygram take about 24 hours.  And of course, those that come by mail take a little longer.

I recommend offering a variety of Payment options to prospects if possible.  You have the ability to earn more Exitus Elite commissions if you are offering a variety of ways prospects can pay you.  Don’t limit yourself.

I hope you got some value from this post and you are comfortable with the answer to “How do I get paid in Exitus Elite?

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